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  • Member: Tearx
  • Title: Myth
  • Premiered: 2010-07-01
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    • matt&kim Daylight
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    This video started out when I was watching a random commercial; I heard the song and immediately fell in love with it. After, I knew I wanted to do a video with it, during this time my friend recently forced me to watch ToraDora! and I completely loved it. I always wants to do a video that would do the anime justice, but I do not feel this song does it that much good, needs a little more romance? However, itís a fun little song that does fit the mood of the anime so I decided to go with it. Editing wise this was fun to do, Iím use to doing really dramatic and emotional videos so this was a big change for me. Also, I learned a lot of new things after this, hopefully I might have more romance/comedy videos in the future.

    The process of this video was very..well extended? I initially did a convention-version of the video so it would be done in time for AX, and basically I did not touch it till the week after AX, which was probably a bad idea for then I needed to get back in the mood of working on it again (I also wanted to release the video the weekend of AX, but that never happened..xD) I must also point out that a very good friend of mine, Mitch, helped me immensely with this video (thank you so much =] ) And thanks to Mools for being supportive XD

    Anways, I hope you all enjoy, and tell me what you think =]

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