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  • Member: Greek Prince
  • Studio: Surface Dreams Studio
  • Title: Living Legacy - The Place I Couldn't Reach
  • Premiered: 2010-06-04
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    • Nickleback Savin' Me
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  • Comments: Well what can I say, after how many years I finally finished a full video. This started as a beta (which is why some of the original song was cut) and then just kinda developed into a full video.

    Thanks to LadyAmeena for screaming in my ear for me to upload it I hope you enjoy.

    Story: For those of you who are hardcore Final Fantasy fans I don't need to explain any of this to you but for those who have only seen lets say.. advent children, I added a little intro for you guys to help you to understand the video a little more. But of course even then I didn't describe the whole story, there's just so much to cover.

    After Zack and Cloud escape from Nibleheim they're confronted by Shinra's troops literally moments away from Midgar. Cloud is still hurt from his earlier battle so Zack must fight to fend off the troops but unfortunately dies while doing so. Zack gives his best friend his sword and tells him to live for him as the proof that he once existed.

    Still a sad concept considering they were literally right at Midgar when this happened, hence the title "The Place I Couldn't Reach".

    The AMV is mostly about Cloud not being able to move on from what happened with Zack and even Aeris who died by Sephiroths hands in order to try and save the planet which took place before Advent Children (in the ff7 game)

    Special thanks to LadyAmeena!!!

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