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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: We Will Never Fight Alone
  • Premiered: 2010-05-22
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  • Songs:
    • Wooming Electric Great Magical Fantastic Spark
    • Wooming Rapid Ignition of Paradise
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  • Comments: Making an AMV to Gurren Lagann was something unavoidable for me in the long run, with the release of the second movie it was finally the right time to make one.

    I guess it started out with CDs I bought when I was in Japan in March 2009. I bought alot of doujin-music, which are basicly fan-made remixes, of which many many are remixes from the Soundtracks of the Touhou game series. Among them was a circle / artist called Aquaelie, who gives the chiptune-style music some fast paced Powermetal remixes. They did have alot of editing potential for something incredibly fast paced :)

    As I was looking for ideas for a new video for Anime 2010 in Holland, Aquaelie in combination with Gurren Lagann popped into my mind. I considered several titles, among them called "We Will Never Fight Alone". I chose that one to stick as a video title, no matter what song I choose :D. In the end I did check out some similar artists, among them Wooming from the circle "Kissing the Mirror". The two tracks I used were already mixed together on the CD, so I used them both and cut them down to exactly 3 minutes.

    Doing this in 60 fps was more of a "Why the hell not?" descision, but really worth it: I sped up scenes to insane amounts of speed, so it will kind of feel like a Gurren Lagann in fast forward. Having twice as many pictures per second really helps to see what's going on. An aim was as well to create a kind of "I don't know what I saw, but I know it was good"-feeling, which always increases re-viewability for me. The video follows the basic storyline of the Gurren Lagann movies - no story intended in the AMV, I just wanted to compile all the memorable scenes into one video - and, even at 400% speed, I had to leave out so many of them. That's just how good this anime is!

    I hope you enjoy this video! To give you an idea about the pace: During the AMV contest in Holland, the tech guy stopped the video and restarted it, because he thought it was accidentaly playing back in fast forward :D
    If you haven't watched the Gurren Lagann movies yet, do so now - espacially the second one, which has about 75% new material in it including a way more epic final fight. If you haven't watched Gurren Lagann at all... put a huge shameful hat on and watch the TV series to see what you missed out on for 3 years! :O

    Have fun! :D

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