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  • Member: Distance
  • Studio: Endless Life Studios
  • Title: Our Time
  • Premiered: 2010-05-15
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  • Song:
    • Kate Hall Die letzte Träne
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    Yes, I am back people :D I know you missed me and all rofl, anyways my comeback also needs a video, and here it is =D This was a small project which i started like 1-2 months ago but then never got the time to finish it. I got inspired by Eve's (EveneshBL) Video with the same song. So i told her to send me the song and make a longer custom cut than her version =)

    I finished this video in a day to dedicate it to some of my friends who have/had their birthdays =D so Happy Birthday to:

    May 2 - Manu
    May 5 - Angel (0SimplyAngel0)
    May 14 - Meg (megchu)
    May 15 - Vince (malpercio16)

    I wish you a happy birthday guys, enjoy it =D I hope I got all o.o. xD

    To the vid:
    The storyline of this follows the one in the anime, if you have seen it =) If not I will give you a short information about it.

    Shinichirō and Hiromi know each other since they were small. They always played together and he always protected her. When they got older, their feelings towards each other grew and they loved each other, although none of them ever said it because of some rumor they thought they were siblings. So Hiromi kept distance from Shinichirō. In the end it got clear that they weren't and so they confessed their love for each other =)
    Happy End. xD

    Special Thanks:
    Eve - For the Song Cut =)

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