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  • Member: Euphiry
  • Studio: Diamond Skies Studios
  • Title: The Ghosts of the World
  • Premiered: 2010-04-20
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    • My Chemical Romance The Ghost of You
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    Love doesn't always end in a good way.
    This is the Story of Agnieszka and Dimitri.
    Two Souls, two Angels who weren't suppose to meet.
    They love tear everything apart
    The whole story takes place in Vienna during the year 1906.
    Love brings distruction sometimes, it wins all our convinctions,
    it surpass everything we thought was right, it breakes up our friendships,
    and we can do nothing but fall for it.
    I would give a lifetime for one day with the person that is meant to be for me.
    Would you?
    Omnia vincit amor... et nos cedamus Amori.

    The beautiful melody you listened was composed and played by Miika153

    I would like to thank all my beta testers:

    I dedicated this MMV to my grandma, who died recently.

    This story is Alternative Universe, so there are no spoilers from the manga it's taken from.

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