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  • Member: MentalProdigy
  • Studio: Diamond Skies Studios
  • Title: ONE - SIDED : sawako & kazehaya
  • Premiered: 2010-03-02
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  • Songs:
    • Meiko Piano Song
    • Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles
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    A MMV consisting of the manga KIMI NI TODOKE. (: which the anime adapted from.

    editor;; mentalprodigy.
    songs;; [skip to 2:00]
    programs;; sony vegas 8, photoshop.
    coloring;; mentalprodigy mooni (the part where kazehaya looks at sawako in class.)
    opening;; hilary. (: MY LOVEEEE! THANK YOU! It's gorgeous!
    pictures;; 104
    layers;; 22.
    time taken;; 3 days.
    about this video;; Sweet / Cheesed video for youu ~ All about Sawako's one-sided perspective. ( : In the end, you could tell that Kazehaya feels the same way, but she is not aware of it. THE FLUFF ~ The new chapter especially inspired me, but I was sort of disappointed because of the outcome. I know there are a lot of mistakes in this, especially with the boxy masking, but you know by now all I can do are boxy masks haha. :D

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