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  • Members: ladydx, XenoDrake
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: New Day
  • Premiered: 2003-05-15
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  • Song:
    • Celine Dion A New Day Has Come
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  • Comments: Xenodrake and I worked on this video for several months..thru loss of internet on his part and lack of intrest on my part..this project remained dormant for a few months..till he was back online one day and we were discussing wether or not to just drop the whole thing...and decided to go ahead and try to finish it. His part..EoE..was done..but due to some comp problems..I had to use the beta he had sent me to match up to my footage and go from there. Now..due to loss of cable
    internet on his part once agian...and me needing to free up space on my harddrive for some other things...We've agreed that for now..this is as good as it gets..and are releasing this vid now. I was left to do the final encode and though I still have much to learn in that particular area...I think it came out fairly ok.
    The song is by Celine Dion..New Day..a nice song..though once you've listened to it as much as I gets old.. ^^ And as mentioned..we split up the time slots on this and went our own ways with it..Xeno using EoE and myself using'll really see the differece in editing styles here..where I go more for lyric synch and storytelling..his is a bit more abstract. I like doing projects like this..simply for that effect..the differece in editing styles that gets shown. This is the first two editor vid I've done...Multi editor vids like MI1 and MI2 are a bit easier because of the smaller time slot you get....
    I left the digital effects checked because even though transitions are pretty's still an effect...and the video has been encoded in Xvid.
    THIS VIDEO HAS SPOILERS FOR BOTH ANIMES!! You've been forewarned..^^
    Reveiws are always welcome! And if you don't mind doing so...once Xeno has this video updated on his profile...please leave him one as well..even if it is copied and pasted.. :p

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