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  • Member: Ematheo
  • Title: Love between worlds
  • Premiered: 2010-04-22
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    • Breaking Benjamin Diary of Jane (Acoustic)
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  • Comments: About the spoilertag Don't really know if there's any much of spoilers in this video since I've taken pretty much everything out of it's context but to be on the safe side I put it as a spoiler vid. (:

    This AMV is an out of character one and the story is something like Jirou and Mimiko where in love but because of the gaps between their diffrent worlds it was meant to fail. They had a fight about this and seperated with things unresolved and then something horrible happens..and yeah, don't wanna spoil the whole thing. :P Anyhow, I hope you can get this AMV. (:

    I've spent quite a time on making this.. about 73 h, over a period of 6 months if not more. (but that's mostly because I lost focus and my inspiration in the middle somewhere.) It might not seem like someone spent that many hours on it but I had to learn tons of new stuff and it wasn't that easy finding the right clips.

    Hope you enjoy. ^_^

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    Vegas 8.0 pro
    Adobe After Effects CS4

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