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  • Member: Kitsuner
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Why Halo Thar
  • Premiered: 2010-04-14
  • Categories:
    • Action
    • Instrumental
  • Songs:
    • beyonce Halo
    • Cake Arco Arena
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Central 2010, Anime Central 2010 AMV Contest (2010-05-14)
    • Anime North 2010, Anime North 2010 MVC (2010-05-28)
    • Anime Expo 2010, Anime Expo Anime Music Video Contest 2010 (2010-07-01)
    • Advik 2010, Advik 2010 Short Anime Music Video Contest (2010-07-28)
  • Comments: My dad rented Halo Legends at Blockbuster one night with a bunch of other movies, and it turned out to be kind of good after the first few segments passed. Toei's "Odd Man Out" was so much fun to watch that I really wanted to edit something with it. 'Why not try for an action video?' I thought, so after flipping through several songs trying to get it ready in time for ANorth, I ended up grabbing Arco Arena since it was short as well as cool. I think it worked pretty okay, even though I didn't remember to send it in for the contest.

    Fall_Child42 (currently known as Dr. Dinosaur) came up with the title, which is brilliant. Speaking of dinosaurs, I made sure the T-Rex in "Odd Man Out" got a cameo, since 2010 is the Year of the Dinosaur.

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