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  • Member: Kazemon15
  • Studio: Kazemon Studios
  • Title: Without You
  • Premiered: 2010-04-03
  • Categories:
    • Character Profile
    • Drama
    • Sentimental
  • Song:
    • Sum 41 With Me
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Otafest 2010, Otafest 2010 - AMV Contest (2010-05-23)
    • A-Kon 21, A-Kon 21 VSE (2010-06-04)
    • AnimeNEXT 2010, AnimeNEXT 2010 AMV Contest (2010-06-18)
    • Anime Evolution 2010, Anime Evolution AMV Contest (2010-08-13)
    • Anime Vegas 2010 AMV Contest, Anime Vegas 2010 AMV Contest (2010-09-04)
    • Anime Banzai!, Anime Banzai 2010 AMV Contest (2010-10-09)
    • Youmacon 2010, Youmacon 2010 Hentai Contest (2010-10-29)
    • KuroKiiro Festival, KuroKiiro Festival II AMV Contest (2010-11-05)
  • Comments:

    After finishing my first Katekyo Hitman Reborn! AMV focusing on the story, drama of the series and action, I decided to do something a little different. I wanted to show that the series was not just all comedy and not just all action, but a little inbetween with the friendship of three main friends.

    I wanted to give each their own little viewpoint of how they met, what they were before they met and what they are now that they're together. All the times when the other feels sad, depressed, lonely or just not having a good day, the other is there always to cheer them up. I also wanted to show how they're willing to fight for these moments they all share together in order to have these moments again in the future.

    This AMV was a little frustrating due to having over 178 episodes to work with and a limited amount of time to finish before Anime Expo deadline as well as school getting in the way as well, but I am happy with the overall result and feel I really showed some of their sad, happy, comedic or just worthwhile moments from the series.

    When I first heard Sum 41's "With Me", I instantly thought of these friends. I wanted to prove that the song "With Me" can be interpreted not just as a romantic song (like every single AMV I've seen interpreted it that way) and show that it can be interpreted as a very strong bond between not just lovers, but friends and/or family members.

    I'd like to thank Chosenexiled, Hagaren Viper and Onyxdragon for helping me alot.

    I hope you also enjoy and also hope when you watch this, you'll get the feeling of sentiment and want to go hang out with your friends. XD

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