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  • Member: Anicsi
  • Title: RAGE
  • Premiered: 2010-03-01
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  • Songs:
    • Broken Iris Sight For The Sore Eyes
    • Broken Iris The Eyes of Tomorrow
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  • Comments: I did that video a while ago when I was in a really, really bad mood.
    For the first time I really felt like doing some screamo, but i couldn't find a good song, nor did I have inspiration enough, so the intro should do it xD
    The 'just kidding' is short for 'just kidding, I am not gonna make you listen to that kind of music for three and a half minutes'. =)

    Oh well, actually I wanted to limit the time I'd spend on this to two hours. Needless to say that it wasn't enough time, but I managed to finish it in 5 hours, so I am kinda proud, since I am usually slower?! lol

    Anyway, hope you enjoy it, the concept was kinda developed while editing and realizing that the footage itself was limited to about 3:25 minutes (problem, anyone? lol)
    Nevermind, the Breaking the Habit music video is just awesome.

    Here I stand tranquilized in this little white room of mine
    Here I go on my own in that redifined world inside

    So what if we're all insane
    The way we all live reminiscing for the head game
    Maybe we're all insane
    I'm feeling so damn hollow staring into the Eyes of Tomorrow

    On the edge i stand preparing to go...but
I feel i've already been here

    What a sight for the sore eyes?
    It's getting colder in here, it's sobering
    To see them shuffle to the back of the line
    When the ending is near
    and the marks that we make are so clear
    I feel i've already been here

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