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  • Members: JadyLaurens, AyumiNeko
  • Studio: Endless Life Studios
  • Title: [ELS] Everyday
  • Premiered: 2010-03-08
  • Categories:
    • Romance
    • Sentimental
  • Song:
    • Jessie Daniels Everyday
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is a pretty short collaboration between Anzu10694 (AyumiNeko) and me. We wanted to do something for the birthday of a good friend of ours, who we already know for so long. We love you Diana (IchigoNyaNeko).

    Original comment:
    We made this rushed "thingy".XD Itīs far from being epic,but we still kinda like the outcome.Also itīs pretty redish (since Diana likes red).We had to cut the song because we were super-uber busy and had no time to make something longer.
    Anyway,we hope youīll enjoy this lil collab and like it,especially you Diana! 8D

    Anzu10694/AyumiNeko (Vickie) - Princess Lover and Vampire Knight (Kanayuu smex)
    JadyYuki (Ina) - Shugo Chara and Vampire Knight (Zeki smex)

    Part 1 - Vickie (0:00-0:11)
    Part 2 - Ina (0:11-0:23)
    Part 3 - Vickie (0:23-0:33)
    Part 4 - Ina (0:33-0:44)
    Part 5 - Vickie (0:44-0:56)
    Part 6 - Ina (0:56-1:07)
    Part 7 - Vickie&Ina (1:07-end)

    Song: Everyday by Jessie Daniels
    Program: Sony Vegas

    A few words to our birthday friend

    I hope youīll get tons of pretty presents and huge cake.I hope your next year of life will be pwnsome and full of luck,love,health and friends and and and inspiratioon. *_* Also,sorry for making such a short collab,but you know...D8 Fail is our second name.XD ILU

    Ina: WAAH, HAPPY BDAY MY HUNNIE :D I hope you have a great one and hopefully you will do some pwnsome viddies soon with yer new laptop *__* I can't wait for it. I feel kinda sorry that we didn't do something better and bigger for you since we already know each other since so long D: Forgive us our lazy + busyness... worst combo ever xD I wish you the best bday ever... and don't party too much!!!

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