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  • Member: drewaconclusion
  • Studio: "It's a Trap!" Productions
  • Title: Where The Wild Magical Girls Are (or How To Use Too Much Text At The AMV Wars)
  • Premiered: 2009-10-31
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  • Songs:
    • Family Guy Stewie's Sexy Party
    • Shiro Sagisu Oh So Tired
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  • Comments: This is my IC video from Youmacon 2009's AMV Wars. It was a championship match against Sailor Death. We weren't allowed to bring in any footage ourselves, so all of the sources were a secret until an hour beforehand. The sources were:

    Yugioh (had to be used the most)
    Di Gi Charat
    Fantasy Fighting Girl Rescue Me: Mave-chan

    The audience chosen theme was Magical Girls Gone Wild. Given there weren't a whole heck of a lot of magical girls in the sources, both of our videos were deemed "awkward" (so don't expect awe inspiring work here). Sailor Death won in a 3-2 vote.

    Anyhow, my idea was to do a Discovery Channel spoof of "looking for the wild magical girls". In the end, it turned out to be something more akin to an animated comic than an amv. I wound up losing to a 90 second long piss joke...

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