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  • Member: Kenzichu
  • Studio: YukiNukiSuzuki Studios
  • Title: Callie's Angel Day
  • Premiered: 2010-03-04
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    • Sarah Brightman Memory
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  • Comments: My family got Callie for my sister for her birthday in 2ed grade. We got Suzie for me 'cause we didn't want Callie to be lonely. Sadly, my sister lost affection for her, and I decided to make her my cat along with Suzie. About 2 years later we got Katie (KK) for my mom, who also lost affection for her, and i took her on as my third cat. All three of them have been with me and my family for most of my childhood to young adulthood.
    All three of them were with us through everything: me getting glasses and diagnosed with Stargardt's, mom and dad's arguments, my "trying to find the right medication" path, and my sister almost dying from a drug overdose.
    Callie was a sassy, fluffy, and overly cuddly cat who loved to lay on your chest with her 21 lbs and kneed on your neck. Her purr was so loud it was hard to hear her heartbeat even though a stethoscope! She couldn't meow, I guess she never learned, so she would squeak.
    One night i was getting the mail and Piro, the stray cat ran in and freaked out Coco, who started to bite anything that moved. She bit Callie. Callie proceeded to hide in the closet for 3 days, then she resumed her usual spot on the table in front of the food bowl. She got worse and worse every day. She never wanted to be around anyone and would only come down to eat or use the bathroom at night after coco had gone with mom to bed.
    Well, when i got home from Mizuumi-con, Callie was hiding in the litter box so i fished her out and put her in the living room chair. She couldn't walk, she couldn't even hod her head up. Her gums were pale and i pestered mom and dad until dad finally took me and her to an all night vet. After usual check-up stuff, the doctor was feeling around her belly and told us that she had a tumor that was larger than any that he had ever found before. He also told us that she had contracted a blood disease. The phrase that made me break down was "She's alot sicker than she looks." Callie started squeaking like i have never heard before, louder and louder until she laid flat on her side and had a blank look in her face with drool dripping off her whisker. I ran for the doctor and a nurse took her away, Callie made that noise like the cat in the "om-nom-nom" video and i started to laugh (Brooke told her later that she did it just for me) Dad and i left while they were gonna run more tests and keep her overnight for a blood transfusion. We got home not 2 minutes later when the doctor calls with information. He basically told us that the tumor was larger than he expected and her blood disease was in advanced stages. He didn't expect her to live through the night. Just when he was explaining how she could have gotten this disease, the technician called him away. The doctor got back on the phone and told us that Callie was in agonizing pain and he needed our permission to put her to sleep. We had to let Callie go to heaven.
    So February 28th is Callie's Angel Day, not her death. On that day, she became an angel, the guardian of our family, watching over us, and she'll be waiting for us once we have our Angel Days.
    Please enjoy this video. ^_^~ I love you Callie.

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