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  • Member: Averex8
  • Title: [Bleach AMV] Battle Royal
  • Premiered: 2010-03-03
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    • Maki Ito Brand New World
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  • Comments: I was inspired to make this by watching different bleach intros from the anime and video games and by the song "Brand New World" from the Kurokami OST which is the song choice for this AMV. This is a fast paced, adrenaline pumping, all out action AMV. It's an all out battle where everyone is fighting someone whether they be friend or foe. I hope you all like it.^^

    Update: I see I've gotten some complaints about my watermark at the top right corner of the video so let me explain. I was trying to find high quality rips of the anime intros form every bleach video game to use for this AMV. I eventually found them on youtube all compiled into one video and in high quality but the uploader, for whatever reason, decided to put a watermark at the top right corner of the video. And it wasn't just a simple name either. This person had a picture along with a stylized version of his youtube name like he was some big shot. Naturally I tried contacting this person to ask if I could get a version of the video without the watermark to use in an AMV but I was ignored. At that point I was annoyed and fed up because I really wanted to make this AMV and had it all planned out in my head. Why this person decided to put a watermark on content that he neither owned or created and that anyone would know he didn't own or create is beyond me. Eventually I decided I had no other choice and came up with the idea to cover his watermark with another watermark. My watermark is normally just the transparent white letters "AX" placed at the bottom right corner of the screen and not the big black box with blue letters that's in this video. I had to make it that way to cover up the entire watermark. I thought about sending a message to the uploader about what I did with his/her watermark as a sort of "in your face" for ignoring me but decided against it. I was just happy I was able to make my AMV.

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