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  • Member: ram491991
  • Studio: Hypro Studio
  • Title: Smells Like Soul Eater Spirit
  • Premiered: 2010-02-21
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  • Song:
    • Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Sakura Con 2010 Entry

    *never again 100 layers!*
    After almost 2 months on this, its finally finished!! was the biggest pain to finish and render! it took me about a day straight to add finishing touches (while getting constant errors and freezings) then took all night 2 render cuz of erroring, freezing and vegas being a bish!

    Also thanks so much to my 1,550 subcribers! ^^ i love chu all hehe

    all info is at the end of the video, so i wont be answering questions like what song is this? or what program did u use?, its all there ^^.
    and well i guess il list everything here so no one can get confuzed xD

    Anime: Soul Eater
    Song: Smells like teen spirit by nirvana
    Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 Only

    the theme behind this video is to show the darkness side of soul eater and all the fighting there is, if that made sence xD.
    i wanted to try something new .. something i hadnt really done before, and i think i achieved that quite well ^^, i had to cut the song down as 5 mins is just to much to edit to, 3 mins or so is hard enough :P
    also there was alot of masking in this (though u may not really see it) xD, *i hate moving masking* lol.
    i put alot of effort into this amv so i hope you all enjoy it ^^
    also the official sakura con entry im subbmitting wont have the text in the vid :P

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