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  • Member: Enigma
  • Studio: NV-Studio In Ascocioation With Invictus Productions
  • Title: Lost Like A Butterfly
  • Premiered: 2010-02-25
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    • Hevein Only Human
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    Got the DVD for this for my Birthday back in October and been wanting to do a video with it ever since, Mostly a Haseo related video but tried to somewhat give importance to most of the other side characters. Heard the song when i saw Undeadborn's video "Unknown Redemption" so i lurked on this bands music and found this, Though originally on making this video with another source but ended up going with is.

    It's nice that your here, I've got some news for you.
    We came so near, I played my part like a fool.
    You believed in me, I've raped your trust again.
    See it wasn't enough, the sickest part of me wanted your blood.

    Living life like a butterfly.
    Speck of dirt that's caught in your eye.
    Try to wash it away.
    But you can't get inside.
    Still you try.

    I've taken a step, I tripped over myself again.
    And I don't understand what happened to my well-laid plan.
    You followed me, that's when things got way out of hand.
    You didn't see, that I'm only human but I did the best I could.
    I'm doing the best I can.

    So you fall back on me.
    Things are better this way.
    This way.
    This way.

    Special Thanks

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