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  • Member: MightySpirit
  • Studio: Falling Up Studios
  • Title: Blood & Miniskirts
  • Premiered: 2009-07-14
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  • Song:
    • The Medic Droid FSCENE8
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Idea -
    This video is a birthday present to my awesome and lovable online twin, Bubbles

    The idea for this video was a quick and unexpected one. I only realized it was her birthday a few days before the actual day. I knew that she liked The Medic Droid, and the song I chose just so happen to fit Soul Eater in the funniest way.

    As for the title, it was just the first thing that came to mind. Since the footage I used had nosebleeds in it, and the song mentioned miniskirts a few times, I threw them together. It's simple and funny, just like the video xD

    Footage - [ Soul Eater ]
    As mentioned above, I chose the footage because I thought it fit the song. It's not the usual music some people may choose for Soul Eater, but I wanted to capture the funnier side of both the anime and song. Not to mention that my friend also loves Soul Eater, so it was a win-win.

    Songs - [ "FSCENE8" by The Medic Droid ]
    As mentioned before, the song was chosen because The Medic Droid is one of my friend's favorite bands. Out of all their songs, I liked this one the best. I knew I could work with it and make something nice. Plus, it's really catchy ;D

    Editing Process -
    I worked on this AMV for 9 hours, which is pretty good considering I only had a few days. The effects aren't anything special, but I think they work really well with the song. I just wanted to make sure I hit all the main beats, and gave the effects a nice flow. The only effect that took some time was the shaking effect when it says "shake it, shake it". I had to key frame each part and make sure it hit the sound of the voice. I also added some mild lip syncing in there, since it seemed to fit the characters that I made sing xD

    Programs Used:
    Vegas Pro 9.0

    Youtube Link:

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