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  • Member: pillsbury15
  • Title: The Skies Tears
  • Premiered: 2010-01-25
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  • Songs:
    • Rob Thomas Her Diamonds
    • The Honorary Title Stay Away
  • Anime:
  • Comments: "The blades of the windmill that turn in the sky, Always have the same dream, The dream of a girl, her wish kept to herself, Gazing at the place she never reached"

    The Skies Tears

    Well here it is my first attempt ever at making a sad video I didn't really pick the song or the credits song either, This was originally dated to be released as somewhat of a birthday present on Jan. 16 unfortunately due to me being a lazy f@ck it came out 9 days later.

    It took me forever to make this so much that I released it 9 days after its planned date (Jan 16 2010) still I liked it a lot it was fun to make despite all the complications.

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