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  • Member: Brolli12
  • Studio: Stealth Studios
  • Title: Nightmare
  • Premiered: 2003-05-11
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  • Song:
    • Rock MSG Never Ending Nightmare
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This Video…I love this Video! It was the most time consuming, the bigger troublemaker I ever had in Premiere, went through 3 consecutive disk Formats
    And still after 4 yes!! 4 months It’s Finally Here.
    Actually it’s my most ambitious video and I really worked very hard on it.(Nights and Days).But since I still don’t care about Conventions I had the luxury to go over and over it. (lol).
    Still Don’t forget I am no Pro so Bare with me…
    For the record this is my 3d published AMV and I think the most Mature (No Linkin Park LoL )
    Now as for the video the story goes like that:
    I had only seen the first 2-3 episodes of Ayashi no Ceres (Funsub) and thought that it was cool.(Yea Right!)
    Then I downloaded MeriC’s “Paranoia Rebirth” and confirmed it: I Must Have this title on DVD (Nice one Meredith)!!
    I got disappointed with the series but oh Hell that’s Life! Until one day I heard This song (Never ending Nightmare) and it Struck me!!!  A Crybaby AMV featuring Aya – Ceres, Toya, Aki – Ancestor .(Ceres and Ancestor would Be the Endless Nightmare ) and That was it! Although I lost everything 3 times over at about 30 - 40 % completion I kept going and improving the concept and here it is!!!!!!( Actually the "Nightmare" Project Started 3-4 months Before The "Kenny" Project entered my Computer)
    Enjoy …


    For some strange reason if you don't watch the video from the beginning but instead try to skip some part using the seeking bar the sound starts traveling some instants faster than the image = A TOTAL MESS.---->This is no joke so if someone knows why this happens I would be gratefull if he shared the secret, so that I won't have that in my future projects,
    Thank you!
    Additional information :

    Major Spoilers!!!!! Actually It start’s off from the beginning of the story and ends up almost at the end. Be Ware!!!
    The Video Quality is Perfect ! (DVD Footage.)

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