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  • Member: 0ur14573
  • Title: Eternity
  • Premiered: 2010-01-12
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    • Kronos Quartet & Mogwai Finish It
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  • Comments: My biggest project, uptodate :P
    I spend a good time on this haha hope it turns out very good
    The video basically speaks for itself, watch carefully, understand the story and enjoy :D

    Firstly, we start 160million years B.C, when dinosaurs existed, peacefully as nature intended species to live. Next we visit 10k BC, arrival of the human species, bringing conflicts, wars, torture, hunting...After that, i show the years mixing up, arriving at 3280, where human extinction is at its peak. Artificial intelligence manufacturing, violence, crimes, havoc etc (watch the scenes in the video :D) only to arrive at the end of the world, bringing with it human extinction basically. After that, there is rebirth, allowing for a second chance, showing peace, prosperity, nature, love.. At the end, there is a scene with two different sides, kinda like twoface from batman, which i wanted to represent some sort of balance between good and bad, but i dont think many of u will think that deeply :S

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