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  • Member: MDA
  • Title: Clannad - Bright Eyes HD
  • Premiered: 2009-12-14
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  • Songs:
    • Art Garfunkel Bright Eyes
    • MDA Bright Eyes (Instrumental)
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  • Comments: When I watched this series I was so sad and happy at the same time. The story got me so into it, but I did not have the time or idea to make an AMV out of it.

    Lately, there was a call for a karaoke event in my community, so I spent days to make a nice instrumental version of a song, that also has my heart. But shortly after finishing it, I recogniced, that my microphone has died. So I couldn't make the karaoke version for my people. But since I spent so much time in doing it, I just had to do ANYTHING with the instrumental version I created. So I decided - let's do some AMV!

    I choosed Clannad because the song even fits for it and after some testings I remade it in HD and added a secondary audio track with the original song sung by Art Garfunkel. (Just switch the used track with your player)

    Also, the video has implemented every line of the song, so you could do a sing-a-long.

    That's it. Don't wonder about the TV logo in the upper corner - it was already in the fansubbed TV raws I got.

    Have fun!

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