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  • Member: absoluteapocalypse
  • Title: I Can Has Windows Movie Maker
  • Premiered: 2010-01-01
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    • Dio Holy Diver
    • Persona 3 OST Joy
    • Persona 3 OST Want to Be Close
    • Smash Mouth All Star
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  • Comments: (The following is meant to explain the thoughts behind this AMV and should probably be read after viewing it.)

    For every decent AMV you might find on a site like this one, there are probably nine others made on WMM and uploaded exclusively to a streaming site like youtube. Their prevalence makes them almost a genre of AMV in their own right, but years of ridicule have largely ostracized these from "real AMVs". Furthermore, AMVs designed to "educate" people on to make "good AMVs" have gained a decent amount of popularity, furthering the divide between "AMV Artists" and "those people who upload stuff to youtube".

    But aren't they essentially the same thing?

    With this in mind, I began this video with the intention of lovingly parodying both the flippant, amateurish youtube AMV and the arrogant, know-it-all Instructional AMV. Over a hundred hours of editing and almost 6 months later, I can safely say that this was the biggest waste of time I have ever performed. xD

    Originally this was intended to be solely an Evangelion AMV, mostly because it is the "overused anime" that I have the closest connection to (I wouldn't even know where to start with something like Naruto). Quickly I realized it wouldn't make any sense to other people without some context provided, so I decided I needed a fictional AMV creator. Lucky Star's Konata perfectly fit the endearingly arrogant otaku caricature I was going for.

    Ripping Evangelion to my computer, I realized (with no small amount of irony) that my original US release discs were simply abysmal quality. I was tempted to use them anyway but I knew this AMV would be a hard sell without footage that looked like I filmed it off a TV with a camcorder (I really do not remember it being that bad, it's stunning really), I opted to exclusively use the movies instead.

    However, I really wanted to poke fun at a few things exclusive to series AMVs, such as the overuse of footage from the opening theme. Inspired by an otherwise forgettably mediocre youtube AMV, I decided to just switch anime mid video, to something totally unrelated. Strawberry Panic! was about as far from Evangelion as I could think of, so it was pretty much perfect. Unfortunately, in another moment of irony, the "raws" I downloaded turned out to actually be "Chinese hardsubbed", which again I barely decided against.

    Throughout this video I had to make odd decisions about what was "too bad" and what "wasn't bad enough", often passing similar footage off to my Beta multiple times, much to her annoyance. This was a really thin line because I wanted to show how many of the things bad AMVs are derided for are actually present in acclaimed ones. I'm sure I stumbled off the path a few times, but hopefully the effort I put into this project shows through.

    When I started this project, I had absolutely no intention of it being my most ambitious project so far; now I have absolutely no idea how other people are going to respond to it. I am more than happy to listen to people's thoughts and respond to questions. Feel free to leave a comment, write a review, or send me an email at absoluteapocalypse[at]gmail[dot]com.

    Hope you enjoyed my AMV!

    PS: The title of this video comes from the Kumoricon AMV Contest Official Pre-Con Blogging in which a judge remarked that a bad AMV should be renamed "I Can Has Window Movie Maker?"

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