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  • Studio: Phoenix Team
  • Title: The Stranger & The Child
  • Premiered: 2009-12-30
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    • Nickel Back How You Remind Me
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  • Comments: Hello Everybody.

    Hum ... I have no idea for describe my new amv ... it is very embarassing ...

    Ok, I make this video in 72 hours approximately, it's fast. Why ? Because I will to do an amv for the G-Anime Contest ( a contest does from AMV Canada) and the deadline was the January, 6. Ok, why I had not begun my amv ? I had begun an amv on Desert Punk, but my computer decided to die ... ahah ... it's funny no ? ahaha ...
    Now, I have a new computer very powerful, it's fantastic for edit video =D. After the evenement, Kain-X-Spirits has pushed me for participate a G-Anime... This amv is a result of this story.

    My amv is very basic : a samurai and a child live as traveller, and the child is important for a military group. The samurai decide to protect this boy. Oh the samurai is a stranger, he has no affiliation, no ambition, no attach ... he is free as the wind. He is a bodyguard for the child. During the travel, they become friend. For conclude, the stranger save the child. It's finish ... Hum ? Is the story of the anime ? Euh ... héhé ... it's correct ...

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