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  • Member: VivifxAMV
  • Studio: Re-Evolution Studios
  • Title: [Re-Evo] Reaching Out
  • Premiered: 2009-12-27
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    • Coldplay X & Y
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    This is a little short AMV for you all. Happy holidays!

    Yes Its depressing. sorry.

    Well -- Its very hard to make a depressing Haruhi video -- If you want to figure out the story yourself you can do that but If you want me to tell you skip down a bit....

    Basically, Haruhi and Kyon were together, then They had some issues so he cheated on her with mikuru and now he feels uber bad about it and hes trying to remember their relationship but she wont give him a second chance.

    Well for something I did in two days it turned out lovely. I like it alot. I would have made it longer but I feel like i was running out of clips. Maybe I'll return to it, add some more later. But I have other AMVs to worry about!
    Thanks to Reu He betaed for me, as he always does because hes uber awesome.

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