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  • Member: Kairih
  • Title: Live
  • Premiered: 2009-11-12
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    • Theory of a Deadman Heaven
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  • Comments: !WARNING!
    This video contains yaoi (boy x boy).

    "These final emotions I felt will never change...for all eternity, they will never die. [...]
    No matter where I go, alone, it might as will be as if I only had half soul..."

    I took these phrase from a Doujinshi of the Yubinbasya Circle. It's "Tragic Kingdom", one of my favourite.


    Live / Cloud x Zack
    For the winner that got 2nd place on my contest / kikka1302

    Her video that got 2nd place: Odi et amo, Why do I do it, perchance you might ask?


    "Now, all I know is that I didnt want to be like you, I wanted to be with you."

    Here you go, you can read the idea behind the video. Since I've started to write lately, I thought it could be a nice idea to write a little One-Shot for every video that I make! :D I'll be really glad if you can read it, since I think it explains the video a bit more. Sorry for english mistakes, I translated everything by the italian version and my english isn't the best. DX

    -Live - English

    -Live - Italian


    Not much to say about this video. It was really fun, I love Clack, it's my fav pairing and I seriously think that these 2 guys are amazing together! :D Yeah, they're 2 male but I really don't mind it...xD Honestly, I'm a fangirl. I love yaoi. ;) It was a pleasure to make the kiss, and I'm so happy that I could make it! *-* It was hard, but I did it! :D
    Enjoy and let me know what you think about it! :D Oh, sorry if the credits are pretty...well...bad. xD They're rushed. @_@
    See you soon! :D (Hopefully, school is taking my life away ._.)

    I forgot to say that there was another betatester, Lirith, she's a new friend I made on efp! :D:D Thank you so much, deary! x3

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