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  • Member: mirkosp
  • Studio: Visual Experience Studio
  • Title: Moonlight
  • Premiered: 2009-11-15
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Shoji Meguro Burn My Dread
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Serious and Other for sure, Drama I'm checking it just to, more or less, not too sure it fits. But oh well.

    This is my entry for the first IC held by That's right, Italy finally got a proper site and an actual community.

    27 people registered for this IC, 17 dropped, and out of the 10 sent videos I placed 4th. Osny (whom organized the IC and judged the videos) said that only the first 3 vids were any good, and the rest pretty much fucked up and missed alot. That's especially nice to me since I'm 4th ain't it? So close yet so far. *shrugs*

    Anyways, I didn't exactly have fun editing this, mainly cause I had a bad case of diarrhea. It's milk's fault, not mine!

    In any case I won't be uploading this on the org, not worth wasting space, though I think I'll put it on the tube. If you want to download it that badly, shoot me a pm and I'll provide a link.

    EDIT: So I got some feedback saying that it's not that bad and it's worth sharing. Guess I'll be providing some links after all... meanwhile, here are the CRC32s of the various versions:

    AVI 432p DX50+MP3: 69717DB9
    MP4 720p H.264+AAC: 98D93A1E
    MKV 1080p H.264+FLAC: 5CF4F785

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