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  • Member: seabird
  • Title: Ouran High School Masquerade
  • Premiered: 2009-11-15
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    • Andrew Lloyd Webber Masquerade/Why So Silent
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  • Comments: This AMV has so long overstayed its welcome in my movie maker. Originally I was doing it for giggles, and was intending to stop it somewhere in the middle of Masquerade, but I ended up carrying it all the way through most of Why So Silent.

    This is my first AMV that has lipsyncing. I only have laggy WMM so it isn't perfect, but I tried really hard to make it the best I could.

    I also tried to keep consistency of outfits and setting with the character vocal parts, so I had a limited amount of footage to work with for syncing.

    Characters are designated as follows:
    Andre/Firman - Hikaru/Kaoru (Sorry if their rolls get swapped with each other)
    Christine - Haruhi
    Raoul - Tamaki
    Giry - Kyouya (it was my friend's idea)
    Meg - Hunny
    Carlotta - Renge
    Piangi - Tamaki's Dad
    Phantom - Benio

    Hope you are amused by it :D

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