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  • Member: Jeff
  • Title: The Answer
  • Premiered: 2009-11-14
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    • Halou Hollywood Ending
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  • Comments: Just to clarify, the title was supposed to be "Searching For The Answer" not "The Answer." Sounds so corny now lol. If someone knows, please PM me if there's a way to change this, or if a moderator or admin is reading this and if you have the ability to, if you could change the title of this video to "Searching For The Answer" that would be really awesome. Thank you. O:

    A video I made in a one hour iron chef against Soup. I won by default. This video wasn't meant to be an original at first, but I found that the pieces just fell together and was done editing it about forty-five minutes. I fixed it up a slight bit so I could have it end the way I wanted it to be, even if it came out worse.

    The video is about the boy who's been having thoughts of suicide, that felt more real than life itself. He goes online and searches for answers. He was told by an anonymous person that he is not alone. Half way through an ordinary day, he gets a call from an anonymous person, the same one who told him he was not alone. He tells him to escape, and so he does to find his answer. As he's falling he's getting his answers. In the end he wishes he could cut out that last scene, to edit it so it never happened.

    This is my first time using The Animatrix. I enjoyed using it with the song. Thanks to Soup for giving me the song.

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