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  • Member: Kitsuner
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Czech Yourself Before You Wrech Yourself
  • Premiered: 2009-11-13
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  • Song:
    • Sto zvířat Skola
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Round 2 in Project: Editor 2 was focused on editing a video to represent a random word chosen by other competitors. I received Nya-Chan's word, which was Nejnevykrystalizovávatelnějšími. According to her, it's the longest Czech word, and it means "with the most non-crystallable ones". In other words, all I had to do to uphold the word is not show anything that could crystallize. I think I actually messed up on that count, but I figured it'd be simpler to just use a Czech song anyway. After some looking around, I stumbled across Sto zvířat, a really kickass Czech ska band. After browsing through one of their albums, I decided to use Cromartie High School with their song Skola, since I used a show what started with C last round too. I was going to keep using C animes, but P:E is over forever.

    After the deadline passed, I showed this to Nya-Chan to see how well it worked to someone who knew what the song was saying, because I edited it based off of a Google Translate translation. Turned out it was pretty far off (surprise surprise). At least I finished it, right? Here are the Google Translated lyrics I was using as a baseline, in case you're interested.


    Yeah man, it's hard to understand
    As holy as the pope
    and the language šlape
    Rido with snoring, simply manure

    Said I vermin and wish that flákám
    and dad clear lever
    me for the evening zfláká
    while maka a horse

    Everybody feels as it is here in the anus
    when the sun shines out
    the throat to catch it
    them to puke, you know the drill

    Sorry, our first model
    hates jokes
    and the mentally ill
    disputes and they want more than I

    For groups (to take poison)
    Instinct tells you (that you, boy, Write)
    that school as we
    everyday destroying
    Now you know (school is the world)
    matters to you (whipped a blank map)
    he just got in this herd
    hold a series, left behind and nothing more (in her own you know what it is)

    Dude, an elementary school
    I shit and balls
    as our úcou problem
    it is a golem and a mustache

    Of these uchi mace me roar
    said he told her bile
    therefore, for I guarantee
    me now still more torture

    It is a golem and a mustache

    Rido with snoring, simply manure

    It is to puke, you know the drill


    Btw, the eyepatch on Kamiyama at the beginning was intended to get mirkosp to give me an extra point in the judging, but obviously we didn't get that far.

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