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  • Member: Jeff
  • Title: Open Your Eyes
  • Premiered: 2009-11-03
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    • Saosin On My Own
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  • Comments: First off I'd like to say happy birthday to my friends: Soup, and nek0ed. With out them I wouldn't be editing much at all anymore. I hope you two both had great birthdays. This one is for both of you.

    I got Advent Children Complete and have been wanting to make an AMV to it for the longest time because it's my favorite source. I was listening to the new Saosin CD and "On My Own" was a song that I couldn't help but to love. Well for a while now I had the clips on my computer, already prepped and ready for editing and I even set up the project file but I never got around to it. Since I had a lot of spare time I thought I may as well use my spare time to edit.

    This AMV is about Cloud and how he's trying to make it on his own.. Originally I was going to put the fight in with the big dragon thing that looks like it came strait out of power rangers, but I thought for a second. "He's trying to make it on his own", and I remembered that his friends are involved in that fight. I didn't want them their because he's now on his own, what the AMV is about. So I deleted the hours worth of work I had on that fight and included him fighting Kadaj and the brothers on his own because it seemed more fitting.

    Overall I enjoyed this AMV. I haven't enjoyed editing this much in the longest time. Even if it didn't come out good, I liked it.

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