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  • Member: YoKo-
  • Studio: Manual Artifact Productions
  • Title: [MAP] Ursa Minor
  • Premiered: 2009-10-15
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Celldweller Ursa Minor (Electron Mix)
  • Anime:
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    Hi, been a while since I made something. Been making all time but just couldn't finish anything but now I finally did something. One day I was listening to random music and this one popped up. I was so thrilled I started right away.

    Well this AMV is Evil versus Good showdown. At least I wanted to make it like that, if it succeeded will be told by you viewers. I wanted to introduce characters one by one and somewhat did it but the song is short so I didn't cover any detailed information on them. Well basically this AMV is a suspension and energy build(opinion of couple of viewers). And about the intro's I used to do like for example "something" presents "name", I got fed up with it so I didn't make any this time. I just put all the info in end :)

    [tech stuff]
    This AMV was 90% of the time produced in Adobe After Effects. I used Adobe premiere to create the base and then insert it into AAE. The total time I spent on this AMV is around 37 hours. I know this could have been finished up earlier but I'm still new to this stuff. To encode it into Mp4 from Lossless I used Zargx which you can find on this useful files section.

    Well I do hope you will enjoy my AMV as I did making it.

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