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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Uprising
  • Premiered: 2009-09-18
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  • Songs:
    • Frank Klepacki Hell March
    • Frank Klepacki Score
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    This AMV was made for the VG5 MEP by Castor Troy. It was my first time working with self recorded game footage and through that the most difficult project i did until now. It took me more time i ever expected and still didn't made up with what i had in mind when starting it. But i learned lots of stuff while working on it so all in all this was a success for me.

    I always was and still am a big fan of the VG Projects. When first i heard about the VG5 in november 2008 i thought my skills are to low and didn't sing up for it but then while Xmas Holiday i had this idea with Command & Conquer Red Alert and Pailsen files. I hadn't watched Votoms until that point but i knew that it did exist and had some awesome CGI and the mechas kind of reminded me on the tesla soldiers from the Red Alert Universe. So i joined the MEP and started developing this Track which meant watching the anime - getting the footage in decent quality and playing lots of CnC to see what is possible and what should stay imagination. Sadly i only own the german editon of the game which is heavyly edited so i had to cut out all the menu stuff. Also i always tried to not get any mousebutton in the video so recording the footage was hell of work!!!! Still i somehow made it and since it was my last chance of being part of the VG Series there was no other option but finishing it. This might not be my best AMV but i'm more or less happy with the Result.
    I later reworked the MEP Track for Connichi and after that once again for the AMVorg release so this track is not totally identical to the one in the MEP but very close.
    Note, that the local version is 60fps "Double NTSC"!!!

    Uprising was premiered alongside the VG5 MEP at AWA15. I did also send it to the Connichi exclusive AMV contest, but it didn't made it into the finals.

    Best Multi-Editor Project at Judges Choice Award's 2010 (as part of the VG5)

    - Sony Vegas 7.0b
    - DVD-Decrypter
    - DGIndex
    - VirtualDubMod
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI
    - Fraps

    Special Thanks to:
    Castor Troy (for encouraging me all the time and giving me the chance to be part of the VG5)
    Streicher (for his good technical support)
    Zest (for beta testing)
    The Motrix (for hosting the direct-download-file)

    Sorry for my bad English!

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