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  • Member: Haunter103
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: To Boldly Drill
  • Premiered: 2009-09-19
  • Categories:
    • Action
    • Fun
    • Parody
    • Trailer
  • Song:
    • Paramount Pictures Star Trek (2009) Trailer 2
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Weekend Atlanta 15, AWA 15 - Pro Contest (2009-09-18)
    • KuroKiiro Festival I (2009), KuroKiiro Festival I AMV Contest (2009-10-03)
    • G-Anime 2010, G-AMV 2010 (2010-02-07)
    • I-Con 29, I-Con 29 AMV Contest (2010-03-26)
  • Comments: This was my second entry to AWA Pro ever, both in 2009. making a trailer AMV wasn't specifically something that was on my list, but after watching the first TTGL movie I could help re-watching the series, and as I did this idea for the trailer came into play thinking about Rossiu as Spock.

    I tried to follow to original trailer as closly as possible, matching the content of each shot as best I could and making most of the cuts in teh same places. I had fun trying to mimic the effects from the original trailer on the logos and text, although, generally, making a trailer AMV was about as easy as I had expected it to be, having the roadmap basically laid out for me in the original trailer and all.

    Came away with best trailer at AWA. Fun times. Thanks to everyone who helped and gave advice (see video credits for list)

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