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  • Member: Thepooh
  • Studio: Soul's Team
  • Title: Syndfull ~ Dirty Night ~
  • Premiered: 2009-10-10
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    • Juno Reactor Guilty (Gravity Kills Remix)
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    (I forgot animatrix in anime sorry for that)

    - 3rd @ Level Up Contest (


    - 1st Best use of multi source
    - 2nd Best Poster
    - 3rd Best technical performance
    - 3rd Best use instrumental
    - 4th Most Original Video
    - 7th Best Design @ Visual Effect
    - 7th Best Title design (c'est les crédits ?)

    Syndfull (Sinful in swedish)

    Syndfull is an AMV about our nights, our dirty nights. Most of the AMVs using "live" footage were so....How can I say that, similar in the footage they used. I mean : documentary, or movies, or music clip etc....They don't have this "raws" footage. Twilight (from Koop, not the movie) has this feeling of authencity. And this is the feeling I was searching.

    So I asked some friends for their "graffiti session" in French Subway, I recorded some scenes and god, It was very frightening. I'll may be one day release a making of, when you'll see how it was dangerous :x.

    I used classic footage for a "law and order" AMV (Death Note, GITS, Batman, Canaan....)

    Music :
    I really love this music by Juno Reactor. I find it dirty, cold, frightening, perfect in this case.

    I hope you'll enjoy this.

    A BIG BIG BIG Thanks to Dn@ for his support !

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