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  • Member: KawaiiYume4o8
  • Studio: Kawaii Yume Productions
  • Title: Fate of Destiny
  • Premiered: 2003-08-05
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    • Amanda Marshall Beautiful Goodbye
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  • Comments: Well, this vid is done and ready to be downloaded! Hmm. I'd say this vid took away around..16 hours of my life. lol. As always, the vid didn't exactly turn out the way I had originally planned, but this one also had some nice things in it that I didn't plan on having but ended up doing it anyways. Here's what's gonna be in it ^^:

    While waiting for my comp to be shipped here, I recently started rewatching one of my fave series, Ayashi no Ceres. As I was watching, I remembered some ANC vids I've downloaded and noticed how all of them focused only on the the main characters. That being Tooya, Aya, Aki or Yuuhi. Of course that's what fans want. I decided then that I would focus an AMV on the smaller characters that have also suffered, have given up their life in one way or the other. So, what this vid focuses on are the girls in the series that have been injected Tennyo Blood within them. For those of you that haven't watched ANC, you may not know what the heck im talking about. Basically, these girls were chosen for experimentation by a big organization. They're kinda like lab rats where they're studied and taken in for research. It's hard to say how much these girls suffered because they know that their destiny was only to be a part of a whole and in the's sad i know..U_U,

    Chidori Kuruma, Shuro Tsukasa, Miori Sahara, and Yuki Urakawa all had loved ones that they wanted to protect, love, or just wanted to be with. A couple of them did things for their loved ones for the wrong reasons, but they just wanted to be cared for and not just be a part of one big experiment. It's really very sad for them when you think about it.

    Synopsis of characters (spoilers in the vid):

    Chidori Kuruma looked very young for her age, but was actually the same age as Yuuhi. She loved him but he loved Aya. I think this is the sweetest lil side relationships that could've worked out. It just came at the wrong time. She is captured by the Mikage Corp and Yuuhi goes to save her. She dies protecting him from getting shot from behind. It's a bittersweet ending and it really got to me. Chidori is a favorite character of mine and there we be slightly more of her in the vid than the other characters.

    Shuro Tsukasa was a singer and loved her partner, Kei, who also sang with her. She loved him dearly but after he dies after getting shot, she sang alone. After that, she never forgot about him though. She knows that she has tennyo blood and knows that she will die soon because of it. She sings her last song on stage and just before she collapses, she sees Kei next to her and smiles.

    Miori Sahara is seen as the "girl-who-tried-to-steal-touya-away-from-aya" by many fans and seen as a bad guy because of it. She is actually Aya's distant cousin and her mother was killed by Ceres. Ever since then, she wanted vengeance. She is convinced by the president of Mikage Corp, Kanami, to pretend to be Touya's old girlfriend after Touya gets his memory erased. She succeeds for a short time but Touya regains some of his memory. She fights with Ceres in order to gain Touya and also to seek revenge, but fails. She ultimately commits suicide by falling off a building in front of aya! . Some see this as a revenge tactic for Aya, but I also see it as just a girl who thinks she has no more to live for in life. It's sad. U_U

    Yuki Urakawa was only in for one episode of the series. She was one of the first in Kanami's C-Project experiment. She has the power of fire She goes to the same school as Aya and is in love with her teacher. Aya saw flames while going to school one day and saw Yuki in the same spot. Aya also catches her with the teacher and Yuki pleads for her to not tell. The teacher is actually working for Kanami and is just using Yuki to get to Ceres. He lies and tells her that he can't be with her anymore because Aya told everyone about them. Enraged, she confronts Aya/Ceres. The teacher tells her to kill Ceres and that's when it dawns on her that she was being used. Despite that, she still loved him and in the end, burned both herself and the teacher in hopes always being together with him.

    Wow. That took a long while to write. That's just for everyone that unfamiliar with the characters and hopefully wont be confused with the vid.

    I think the song I chose for this vid fits the characters in every way possible. The lyrics are dramatic and full of meaning, the music is slow and quiet in the beginning but really picks up in the end. I don't think another song could go as well as this one, in my opinion. Not to mention it's sung by a very good artist. ^^

    This was mostly a vid for me to try out some new editing techniques and work a little on my timing here and there. If and when you have the time, an op would absolutely be helpful for me to know wut I did right or wrong^^

    Beautiful Goodbye- Amanda Marshall

    Fed up with my destiny
    And this place of no return
    Think I'll take another day
    And slowly watch it burn
    It doesn't really matter how the time goes by
    'Cause I still remember you and I
    And that beautiful goodbye

    We staggered through these empty streets
    Laughing arm in arm
    The night had made a mess of me
    Your confession kept me warm
    And I don't really miss you, I just need to know
    Do you ever think of you and I
    And that beautiful goodbye

    When I see you now
    I wonder how
    I could've watched you walk away
    If I let you down
    Please forgive me now
    For that beautiful goodbye

    In these days of no regrets
    I keep mine to myself
    And all the things we never said
    I can say for someone else
    'Cause nothing lasts forever, but we always try
    And I just can't help but wonder why
    We let it pass us by

    When I see you now
    I wonder how
    I could've watched you walk away
    If I let you down
    Please forgive me now
    For that beautiful goodbye

    Baby what can I do
    Oh, to get through to you
    And sometimes I cry
    It's a fools lullaby
    And sometimes I cry
    I'm dying inside

    It's up!! Enjoy!! Ops are always welcome ^^ Arigatou minna-san!

    Vid info:

    Compression: XVID
    Duration: 5:47
    Bitrate: 704kbps

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