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  • Member: Derudo
  • Title: End of Autumn
  • Premiered: 2009-10-16
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    • coma Poczatek pewnego etapu
    • Tori Amos Wampum Prayer
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    Something about:
    This is short video from Sky Cralwers. I try to used footage of this beautiful anime to tell Sky Crawlers story in one minute. Its about love without chance to be happy. This is a little pathetic, a little drama. I want to tell the story in 60 second. Excatly 53. And i think its done almost perfectly (for me). And to be honest this video it isnt my normal video. Ive done it in 3 days. In first day (and last day of autumn 2009 in Poland) i cannot fall to sleep. I go to computer. Sit on a chair... watch amv "End of summer". A in 5 hours i made this video. At about 5a.m i go again to bed and fall aslepp without any problems. I leave video to render for a night. When i wake up End of Autumn was reneder and i saw much snow through the window. First day of winter in Poland (but 3 days later - now, almost all snow is melted). In next 2 days ill work to make video better. Change some effects, fonts. All the small stuff which to make video must be done.... (sorry for my english :) )

    Video is something like sequel of video "End of Summer by Tdx&Dl. This is video from 2004 using great song Black Black Heart and anime Rahxephon. After 5 years its still one of my favoruite and after 5 years of watching 3 days ago it gives me inspiration to make End of Autumn.

    Probably everyone know Sky Crawlers. New really great (and sometimes boring) anime. Awesome movie. I watch it few times and i think this anime is perfect to put it in my amv. More. I cant imagine do this amv with other anime. But... "this" amv is amv with "this" music and "this" anime.

    I put two "songs". First is made by polish band Coma. But this song is only sound of heartbeating and hospital reanimation machine. Second song is really mood only-vocal song by Tori Amos "Wampum prayer"....

    In video i put one senteces in polish language... its simple but very important for me words (but this video in much way is very personally for me).
    ...zaklinam wiatr... uniosl me serce...
    ...ponad gory niemozliwego...

    ...I implore the wind...
    ...for lift up my heart...
    ...over the mountains of impossible...

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    Virtual Dub Mod
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