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  • Member: Michele
  • Title: Running From Running
  • Premiered: 2009-09-28
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    • Chevelle Family System
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    Sort of a comeback to editing since I took a 2 month long hiatus, after one plus year of editing. Nothing challenging, but just to get back into the editing groove! I enjoyed working on it and seeing any improvement for myself. I'm proud of the outcome.
    Effects colour corrections, crossfades, hardcuts, pan/crop, those are the ones off the top of my head.
    This is completed. I'm not planning on extending this. Though as of March 3rd I'm considering remastering it, but then again - This was edited because of a mood I was in, the mood was Running from Running. In other words, your running away from the idea of running away.
    On a technical sidenote; This was originally in .wmv codec uploaded to youtube. Then downloaded from youtube which put it into .mp4. I converted the .mp4 to .avi because (at the time) I did not have player for .mp4 which I needed so I could confirm my video (for no glitches, etc.)

    Feedback: Any Questions
    Feel free to send me a message me if you've any questions!

    Being my only video where I purposely left in subtitles, consider yourself warned.

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