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  • Members: Overture, xk4ReaL
  • Title: Through Glass
  • Premiered: 2009-10-13
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  • Song:
    • Stone Sour Through Glass
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    So xk was like, "let's do a collab!" and i was like "OKAY!" and he was like "let's make it raw" and i was like "OKAY!" and he was like "what song should we use?" and i was like "OKAY!" And thats how this amv was born:3 along with actaully editing it i guess....

    Twas done in a day. We liked what resulted from it so we decided to touch it up and change a couple a scenes and stuff. The hardest part of the entire collab would definitely be picking the song:3 we decided on Through Glass since xk loved it so much and when he let me listen i fell in luv too:D tho to be completely honest.... i dont think i kno one word in the entire songs lyrics even after ive finished editing it lol O-o tho i kno the song is called Through Glass so im sure he must say that sometime in the song....

    xk4Real - 5 Centimeters Per Second
    Overture - Kanon 2006

    0:00 - 0:16 xk4Real
    0:17 - 0:37 Overture
    0:38 - 1:03 xk4Real
    1:04 - 1:23 Overture
    1:24 - 1:39 xk4Real
    1:39 - 1:50 Overture
    1:50 - 2:14 xk4Real
    2:14 - 3:02 Overture
    3:02 -3:40 xk4Real
    3:40 - end Overture

    Programs used:
    Sony Vegas
    After Effects (for outro text animation and poster/credits only:3)
    DVD Fab

    .....enjoy or i'll find you.....really!


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