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  • Title: Undying Voices
  • Premiered: 2009-10-00
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    • Kajiura Yuki - Kara no Kyoukai OST Track 1 (M01 - Intro OST 1)
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  • Comments: This video was fucking difficult to edit. Not only because the music, that I thought that was the only one which could be associate with the clips, but especially because of the anime - that was freaking difficult to came up with a "good" idea for an amv that has a minimum of sense. Instead of using gore or sex's scene of the anime, I tried to use the calmest and "strange" clip in order to create somenthing different from the other amv that talks about this anime.

    I hope this shit could get at lest something more than the last position in Vodka Contest organised by AMVParadise. (

    I hope you'll try to like my work. enjoy

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