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  • Member: Szwagier
  • Studio: 12th Illusion Studio
  • Title: Retribution
  • Premiered: 2009-10-10
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    • Anathema Judgement
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  • Comments: Spoiler Warnin Corner
    This AMV really spoils most of the main plot line of Gungrave. Hell, even the next paragraph is one giant spoiler. And since Gungrave is pretty awesome show you might consider watching it first. You’ve been warned.

    Storytime Corner
    So what this AMV is about? If you watched Gungrave you should probably easily figure it out just by watching. If you haven’t watched it, and aren’t afraid of spoiler here’s a little explanation.
    It’s a story mainly about 2 guys – Harry and Brandon. The AMV (similarly to the actual show) jumps between past and present, to tell you the whole story of their relationship (nope, not Yaoi – sorry) . Most of the first half of the video is about their past – about their friendship, growing distance between them and finally about the betrayal. From this point Sci-fi jumps in, and you can watch, how, many years later, resurrected Brandon goes on rampage to get his revenge on Harry. And to do that he first needs to slaughter the army of his modified small-fry humans (called Orgmans) and 4 powerful followers of Harry ( also modified, and called Superior). And that’s pretty much it – the story about betrayal and revenge.

    Boring Stuff Corner
    Since for the last 2 years I haven’t finished any real project and lately I managed to screw up few important things , I’ve been kinda frustrated. That’s why I decided to challenge myself with a time limit of one month, and a pretty harsh penalty (if by that time I woldn’t have at least 90% of rough beta). Apparently that pressure worked miracles, and I was able to finish it up without any stupid editor blocks, or getting bored with it. It’s nice feeling to publish a normal AMV(instead of Invitation/Mep part/IC ) after such a long time.

    Lame Excuses Corner a.k.a. F.A.Q
    Question: Why does the AMV end so abruptly? Answer: Because that's how the song ends
    Question: Why such a low resolution? Answer: Because Idea>Footage quality(unless the footage quality is really beyond any help)
    Question: Why so big filesize then? Answer: Because with lower bitrate the quality was annoying me at some ponts. Or I simply suck at encoding. Or both.

    Playback Help Corner
    To play this video you need to have installed either VLC player or CCCP codec pack

    And that’s pretty much all I wanted to write here. Enjoy the vid :]

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