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  • Member: MaggIvy
  • Title: My WMM Days-Failure
  • Premiered: 2005-03-22
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    • Harry Gregson Williams KGB Vs. GRU
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  • Comments: Well, at one point nearly all of us started with Windows Movie Maker and a lot of my recent friends have been wanting to see my much older videos. This video is one of them. It was made to the song: KGRB VS. GRU by Harry-Gregson Williams and is from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Video Game. This video took me only a day to make and was made with the program Windows Movie Maker.

    The main idea of this video was to show what could happen if Yuna and Tidus Failed to defeat Sin or never defeated him in the first place (Gunned Down). It would basically mean end of the world for everyone, including Yuna and Tidus. For a crappy video I think its a decent watch. Hope you like my WMM Days series.

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