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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Studio: DMRA(DuoMaxwellReiAyanamiProductions)
  • Title: Where the streets have No Name
  • Premiered: 2002-09-20
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  • Song:
    • Pet Shop Boys Where the Streets have No Name
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  • Comments: I consider this a very fun uplifting video. The cover of "where the streets have no name" as it was done by the Petshop Boys was a very nice track to work with. I quickly had the entire video planned out in my head. Alas i ran into trouble since alot of the background shots i wanted to use were in the begining of the Escaflowne movie and have credits hardsubbed on them. So this video didn't quite turn out the way i had hoped. Its a pretty basic and simple concept. This was one of the last videos i did for a long while as I was starting collage and that really ate up my time.

    I beleave i did well with matching the spirit of the song especully the romantic parts. It's always interesting to see just how many ways you can say the same thing. Especully which such a difficult subject as von. Ah yes it's great when the main charecter is hated by the one she falls in love with GOTTA LOVE THAT. Well Enjoy.

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