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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Big Blue
  • Premiered: 2009-09-23
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    • Hybrid Beachcoma
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  • Comments: So appearently that I woke up was a big lie. I present you, another rushed project!

    I decided to do something more intense for Connichi back in May. 40 seconds in I realized it was way too intense to finish it in just two months, so I postponed it and came up with this idea instead. Beachcoma is a beautiful track I always wanted to make a video to, just never had the right source in my mind. Blue Submarine jumped into my head while browsing through my DVDs, which I thought would fit very nicely. So, that was decided.

    The song is a little over six minutes long in the original Version, so I cut it down to four minutes at first, then 3:48 and finally 3:36. It's pretty much split in two halves - a calm, slow, orchestra influenced beginning which builds up to a progressive breakbeat second half. So 1 1/2 minutes of buildup will still make it seem like a very long video...

    From the beginning I was trying to edit with a story in mind. As previous tries of storytelling by me thaught me, I was trying to keep it really simple so you don't have to pay extra attention. Basicly, I reversed the story of the anime: Mutant girl and Tetsu find each other in the ocean, lose each other after a human attack and rejoin their respective armies. After a bunch of fighting Tetsu realizes that he has been attacking her as well and carries her back into the water. Unfortunately, she rejects him and swims away.

    I got the hang of editing it right pretty late, when I already got to the second half. From there on things went pretty smoothly, I had lots of fun synching stuff. After I finished the timeline, and some very helpful beta comments from Ingow and Douggie, went on to redo a huge chunk of the first half. I prioritized a good athmosphere and flow over story, since I thought the story wasn't prominent enough and got lost in the fast-paced second half anyway.

    The show is pretty old, 1998, so the DVD was still an analouge transfer. That's why it looks pretty bad in dark scenes - tried my best to compensate it with massive filtering. The song itself isn't much younger and pretty classic to me when it comes to breakbeat. Heck, the whole video reminds me of some stuff I did in 2003/04.

    Didn't make the finals in both contests I entered it in, so don't expect too much, ya? Have fun!

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