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  • Member: kawasakinin
  • Title: Ultimate Unlimited Tribute Hatake Kakashi
  • Premiered: 2009-09-22
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  • Songs:
    • Toshiro Masuda Lightning Speed
    • Toshiro Masuda Raising Fighting Spirit
    • Toshiro Masuda Supremacy
    • yasuharu takanashi Flying Dragon
    • yasuharu takanashi God of War
    • yasuharu takanashi Hummingbird
    • yasuharu takanashi Silhoutte
    • yasuharu takanashi Super Beast Imitation Stroke
    • yasuharu takanashi Thunder
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  • Comments: This is my first AMV - Titled Ultimate Unlimited Tribute Hatake Kakashi

    It feature's Kakashi's epic battles with awesome music that will keep you excited throughout.

    It took a long time to make but was enjoyable to see it evolve into its final form and I'm happy with the result. My goal was to give the fans of Kakashi a solid tribute they could enjoy forever.

    As for inspiration I'd have to say Phenomenon, open your soul really motivated me to try and get to that level. and WUN. I really enjoy good action amvs C_C.

    It runs 7min51sec without intro/exit... I know this is long! but its Kakashi and to do him justice I felt It had to be this long. Most of his major fights are shown with attention to pacing, action, and excitement. Thanks for watching!

    If you have comments or feedback !

    N3GPR1M0 The effects are very well done

    SaitoXD The video was good sync was amazing . The quality could of been better in some areas but other then that nice vid

    Nunchuck You have put a lot of effort into this finding all this sources that is for sure! I haven't seen a lot of these footages before so that's cool!

    KingOmegaX I really liked how you made the sound FX match the source of the video. I also thought it was cool how you did the whole Naruto Technique Beat thing where you introduce Kakashi's move set and such. Some of the colors you used in it were also pretty cool. The action sync wasn't that bad either.

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