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  • Members: Kyotachi, Chamki, RedRose Productions, darkyussha
  • Studio: |†|Red Rose Productions|†|
  • Title: MEP - WE GOT DA POWA
  • Premiered: 2009-09-23
  • Categories:
    • Action
    • Comedy
    • Dance
    • Fun
    • Instrumental
    • Other
    • Serious
  • Songs:
    • Bass T P.O.W.E.R. (Tune Up! Remix)
    • DJ Roland Kenzo Your night
    • DJ Splash This is my life
    • Nightcore Dam Dadi Doo
    • Scarf! Odysee (Plazmatek Radio Mix)
    • StripE Fighting For Freedom
  • Anime:
  • Comments: -Directed by "DARKYUSSHA"-

    Yes finally after 2 in a half years we finally got a full mep done it doesn't even seem real like it's a freakin dream or something, ok down to business we had some minor set backs..umm well alot of set back we even got help from editor's who aren't even in Red Rose big thanks to PPforya RealPlixion and Ddkigs for helping us when we were short some members also I also like to give thanks to chamki who pretty much did every damn thing for this mep she did the song cut put it together hell she even did 2 tracks and I'm proud that a hard worker like her is in Red Rose or we would fail to exsist ok now here's the mep time

    Intro - Kyotachi 0:00-1:22
    xXTentenweaponsXx 2:21-2:46
    Chamki-6-11-to end

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