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  • Member: Sayco
  • Studio: Sugasugashi Studio
  • Title: The clue to fate
  • Premiered: 2009-08-30
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  • Song:
    • Pawbeats My tears
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  • Comments: Welcom the second time :) in here

    As I said, the 2nd time and there is a lot of changes. In contrary to my first amv, i focused on the set-up the story with some kind of a message. That's why i chose this type of anime, instrumental music and AMV is no-effect type.
    What can I say in the beginning? This song was tough as hell... I imagined something really diffrent... So the way I edited it, is completely another story :)

    For whom?

    Basicly, the stories should be somehow understandable to all spectators ^^
    But for some reasones this amv is especially address to those who know "Air", and I advise you to watch it carefully.

    What's the point?

    Mainly i focused on the one of the main characters - Yukito, but he is only a part of the whole project. The point of this amv is to show the influance of the unessential things, that seems to be prosaic and doesn't matter, on the story and fate of a characters. The influcance on both the past and the present. Those things are the feather, the pupet and the crow.
    This AMV is also about the way how the events and fate of the characters from the past can affect to the present and don't let escape from this fate.
    Ofcourse this amv is also about Yukito, so I was trying to show his findings about himself, about his "I" and his role in the mision that was entrusted to him.

    So, in this project, the most important thing was, to include all the things that i mention. To show the drama of a characters and the specific of "Air".
    That's why I also try to build the atmosphere by matching colors with the intensity of the music.

    (The first part that ends with the first chorus:
    - day light scenes with blue and green coloristic to peacefull part of the music,
    - scenes with sunset light and twilight when the pace is growing
    - scenes at night in the chorus
    In the second part mostly I used only scenes with sunset/twilight and night.)

    Ofcourse sometimes i wasn't able to do it because it was extremely hard to find suitable scenes (both - color and suitable to the story). But in general, I think that I menaged to do it :)

    So the rest belongs to you, if there was something that I didn't mention, you will find out on your own.

    Some technical aspects:

    The only thing that I want to write was a synchro as you will see, in general I didn't synchronize to the beats and that was my point. Would be better if you will focus on the movements in the scenes ;) and try to match it with beats.

    So, what's left is to waiting for your opinion. I hope that somehow you find this amv a little outstanding and force you to some kind of reflection.


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