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  • Member: KawaiiYume4o8
  • Studio: Kawaii Yume Productions
  • Title: Saving You
  • Premiered: 2003-05-03
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    • Chad Kroeger Hero
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  • Comments: This vid captures the love, heartache, and pain between 3 best friends. Kamui, Kotori, and Fuma. Childhood memories and friendships can never be forgotten even if a loved one is lost and that's what this vid's intent is to show. The music and lyrics flows well with the vid and action sequence isn't too shabby. hehe I love the action/ending scene the most ^^ Please tell me what you think of it ^^ Enjoy!

    Hero-Chad Kroeger
    I am so high,
    I can hear heaven.
    I am so high,
    I can hear heaven.
    Oh but heaven,
    No heaven, dont hear me.

    And they say that
    A hero can save us,
    Im not gonna stand here
    And wait.
    Ill hold onto the wings
    Of the eagles.
    Watch as they all fly away.

    Someone told me,
    Love would all save us.
    But how can that be?
    Look what love gave us.
    A world full of killing,
    And blood spilling.
    That world never came.


    Now that the world isn't ending,
    Its love that Im sending to you.
    It isn't the love of the hero,
    And thats why I fear it won't do.


    And theyre watching us (watching us)
    Theyre watching us (watching us).
    As they all fly away. (repeat 2x)

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