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  • Member: Hibiku
  • Title: Savin Cain
  • Premiered: 2009-08-24
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    • Nickelback Savin Me
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  • Comments: Major spoilers from 1:59!

    This is a tribute to fabulous works of Kaori Yuki, which I really adore and from which the Godchild (Count Cain) series is my all-time favourite.

    Creating this video took me a great amount of time, mostly because I started without knowing a lot of functions of the program I had chosen, especially how to work with still pictures. Then, as I gradually developed some skills, I had to remake that parts of the video with which I had begun.

    The movie focuses on the bond between count Cain and his servant Riff. Hated by his father, Cain grows up with a belief deeply ingrained in his heart, that he is cursed, does not deserve to be loved and all he can bring others is misfortune. He feels responsible for all the calamities that happen around him and even though there are a lot of people dear to him, he is afraid of becoming close to them. Throughout his continuous fights with his father he is prepared to die in solitude.

    In Cain’s life Riff is the only one who knows everything about him and still accepts him, ready to follow his master everywhere and always remain by his side. He is irreplaceable for the count, who deeply cares for him in his own – quite mean and possessive – way. Of all the things in the world, he will never let him go. But does he really know everything about his butler?

    One thing sure, Cain needs Riff and just Riff to prove him that he deserves to live and that it is always worth saving him.

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