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  • Member: Snowcrash
  • Studio: AMV France
  • Title: Android Love
  • Premiered: 2009-08-24
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  • Song:
    • Bjork All is full of Love
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    I started this project in November 2008 after having watch the Björk’s music video of All is full of love. There is a very particular and beautiful atmosphere in this music video. I really appreciated the approach of the robotic world.
    I have got the DVD of Renaissance, a French animation movie in black and white. It’s a thriller sci-fi movie about the eternal life. It was a good opportunity to create a love story between a robot and a human.
    But I gave up this project because of my departure in New-Zealand and a lack of motivation. Instead of this project, I worked on two other music video: Split with Gilou_senior for the Big Contest 2009 and Soldiers of the Future for the Japan Expo 2009.

    Finally after 8 months, I decided to take up it again because I had the time to edit. I really enjoyed to edit this AMV, especially to create an slow and contemplative atmosphere.
    Of course, I used the anime Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence with the introduction scenes of the creation of a cyborg (everyone knows them) as well as few sequences of All is full of love and I Robot.

    This music video is not for people who don’t like:
    - Björk
    - Live action
    - 3D animation
    - Slowness
    - And frogs :p

    If you are not in one of these categories, you can watch and enjoy it XD

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